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In the wind. On the hustings. Blasting down the straightaway in a nitro-burning funny car. Forming a super PAC.* Peering in your kitchen window. Riding the rails across the endless expanse of America's heartland, the railroad bulls on its tail. Chasing rainbows.** Hurtling down the face of a 25-foot swell at Mavericks, screaming in terror every inch of the way. Filling in some of the blanks in its stamp collection. Napping. Learning Spanish.*** Thinking about things. Getting its head together. The point is, it's one day into a new year, and that means it's time to wait hang on how many days? Seriously? Well, what happened to the other three weeks? What the hell has THANKS FOR KILLING ME been doing with itself for three weeks that it somehow can't account for? Look, THANKS FOR KILLING ME, we're all just here because we love you, and we're concerned. Now, we're going to go around the room and -- remember, just like we talked about -- everyone's going to speak in turn and we're going to keep it to feeling words and check the blame at the door. And while we're doing that, why don't the rest of you take a second to post a glowing review at Amazon or iTunes, and think back, way back to late last year when you first discovered what New York Times bestselling author Kevin Baker calls a "sparkling debut," and reflect on how very many of your nearest and dearest might enjoy receiving it as a reasonably-priced gift. THANKS FOR KILLING ME has all sorts of ideas for 2012, and can't wait to share them with you in the weeks and months ahead. So let's not hurt each other, okay? Okay.


*TFKMericans for America
**Surprisingly easy, as it turns out, due to the fact that rainbows are stationary
***By sometime late in 2012 

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