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Excerpts from a recent conversation with a medical tech

q: So what do you do?
a: Uh, I'm a writer.
q: Oh, yeah? What do you write?
a: I just published my second book. It's a novel.
q: Oh, yeah? Fiction or non-fiction?
a: Uh... fiction?
q: Uh huh. And what's it called?
a: "Thanks For Killing Me."

q: So the guy came back.
a: I... what?
q: The guy. He got killed, and he came back. And now he's saying thanks. Like a ghost.
a: I...
q: And what was your first book?
a: Oh. It was a fake advice book.
q: A what?
a: A fake advice book. A parody of advice books.
q: Oh, I don't know about that.
a: Tell you what, just go ahead and push an air bubble through that line. Seriously. It's fine. I want you to.*

*All dialogue guaranteed verbatim except for last line, which was only spoken in my head

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