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Thanks to the editors of the excellent spirits blog American Drink for letting me sit in today. I ruminate about bourbon and mystery and women and some other stuff here.


It's a mad crazy bargain! (Seriously: This is insane.)

If you hurry you can snag a copy of THANKS FOR KILLING ME from an Amazon seller called "any_book," and the best part is it'll only set you back $84.10. That may sound steep, but keep in mind it includes shipping.

Or you could always just order it from Amazon for $9.99.

 Click to embiggen.


America speaks, and Minty Goodness Press listens... and have we got a stocking-stuffer for you! 

In case you've been wondering about the outcome of my experiment in flexible pricing, it can be summed up this way: People like cheap, and they REALLY like REALLY CHEAP. So just in time for the holidays, I've dropped the price of the ebook back down to a rock-bottom ninety-nine cents, where it will remain for the foreseeable future. (As before, it may take 48 hours or so for the change to be reflected in the various online storefronts.)

Now let's talk about stocking-stuffers.

You know how people love gettting stocking-stuffers, but kind of hate shopping for them? I mean, they're small, they're hard to wrap, you never know how many you actually need to stuff a given stocking, you always end up with overflow, plus everything ends up smelling vaguely like those Hershey Kisses and London Mints that got wedged down in the toe?... Face it, the stocking, while charming, is a pretty inefficient gift-delivery apparatus.

I have solved this problem for you.

The ebook of THANKS FOR KILLING ME is now priced squarely in stocking-stuffer range, and with the ability to gift an ebook (at least at The Kindle Store) you now have within your grasp a stocking-stuffer that doesn't need to be wrapped, doesn't need to be delivered, and won't end up smelling like chocolate. Just go to the Kindle page, hit the "Give as a gift" link, and Boom Goes The Dynamite. Your loved one will receive an email containing a link to download the book, and you will receive the warm glow of knowing you've done a good thing and also that it was really, really easy and cheap.

So go stuff a stocking with THANKS FOR KILLING ME! Do it today! Do it every day until Christmas!*

*Also applies to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa


Contest time! Win free stuff!

It's holiday time, and in that spirit (and also in the spirit of wanting more people to buy the book) I'm announcing a contest that will result in ONE OF YOU* winning VALUABLE PRIZES. The details are real simple: One of the main players in THANKS FOR KILLING ME is an homage to a pivotal character in one of the great film noirs. Identify that character and the film in which he appeared and you win a signed copy of the book and a DVD of the film. Boom. Easy, right?

The winner will be drawn on December 15 from among correct answers emailed to Entries must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific time on December 14 to be eligible for the drawing. I'll offer the occasional hint and nudge here on the website, so be sure to check in from time to time.

Thanks for playing, good luck, and hey, why don't you spread this around among your friends while you're at it? It's free stuff for the holidays!


*Unless it's somebody else.


A fine fat Christmas Goose from iTunes

I got an unintentionally hilarious email the other day from iTunes Connect, the service that manages content on the iTunes Music (and Book) Store. At least I think it was unintentional. The slug was HOLIDAY SHUTDOWN, and the long and short of it was that the service would be unavailable from December 22 to 29 "for the winter holidays." For a week, there will be no access to sellers' only mechanism for managing their accounts, and no ability for them to deliver new content or update the old.

Because... Why, exactly? Because iTunes Connect is housed in a drafty attic workspace, managed via a set of thick, dusty ledgers and staffed by guys in green eyeshades? Or because, conversely, the massive humming banks of servers that administer iTunes' e-commerce capability need downtime at the holidays to travel, string tinsel, visit their families? If iTunes Connect isn't technologically advanced enough to run straight through the busiest sales season of the year -- Um, hey: Why not?