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10 to 1

In case you've been wondering about the ratio of ebook to physical book sales to date, that's it. Ten to one. I'm not sure if this is a function of the extreme cheapness of the ebook edition, at least initially (it's now merely cheap at $2.99, as opposed to extremely so at its former $0.99), or if it reflects the overwhelming platform preference of an audience that's been reached almost exclusively via social media so far. Either way, the disparity is striking.

I have mixed feelings about these data. (Yes, "data" is plural. Look it up.) On the one hand, I made about the same per-unit profit on a $0.99 ebook as I did on a paperback priced at $7.99, which was the initial price point of the physical book. (It's now $9.99.) So the mercantile implications are almost irrelevant. On the other hand, I get a dose of pleasure and a sense of accomplishment holding the physical product, with its beautiful design by Murray H. Smith and gorgeous photography by Noel Kerns, that the ebook just can't provide. Maybe that's just me, though. And it seems hard to deny that the ebook is, even up, a more successful product so far.(Whether the ebook and the physical book can really be said to measure against each other even up is a topic for another day.)

Anyway, there it is: Ten to one. Ebooks win, and not in a squeaker. Ebooks are, to steal a quote from the book, the Globetrotters to the physical book's Washington Generals.


What I learned about merchandising from Gray's Papaya

I lived in New York in the 1980s, and I used to walk by the Gray's Papaya at 72nd and Broadway almost every day. I can remember they had a big sign plastered to the window advertising their signature special, which was two hot dogs and a papaya drink: "STILL ONLY $2.49!!!" One night I came up out of the subway and noticed that they'd replaced the old sign with a new one. The new sign was virtually identical, except that it read "STILL ONLY $3.49!!!"

In that spirit, I'd like to announce that the ebook version of THANKS FOR KILLING ME is still only $2.99!!! And seriously, at that price it's not only a great deal but also delicious.


Ultra-low introductory pricing ends Wednesday

Thanks to all of you who weighed in on pricing. After considering the various good arguments on every side, I've decided to roll with self-publishing star Joe Konrath and raise the price of the e-book to $2.99, and the paperback to $9.99, starting this Wednesday, November 2. These prices represent a slightly fairer market valuation of the book, I think. (I actually think $2.99 is still too low for the ebook, but there's a compelling case to be made for that price point, and Konrath makes it.) So if you want to buy at the super-low, kinda-crazy introductory prices you have two days left to do it. (Or maybe a little longer; it may take 24 hours or so for the changes to work their way through the sellers' systems.) That's just 48 (or maybe 72) hours to lock in huge savings on that big pile of books you wanted to acquire as holiday gifts. Remember? Remember that you wanted to do that? Okay then!


(Almost) free vs. (somewhat) pricey: What do you think?

Hey, can I ask you a question?

I'm thinking about making a change in the book's marketing strategy. And I'm curious about what YOU, the GREAT AMERICAN READING PUBLIC, would like to see me do. It's all explained over on the TFKM Facebook page. Would you take a second, drop over there, read more about it and answer a quick poll question? And if you haven't yet taken the opportunity to sign up as a follower of the Facebook page, or a Liker or whatever the hell they call it, why, that'd be a perfect time to do it.

Thanks for your input.


Now: Nook.

THANKS FOR KILLING ME is now available at for the Nook. Thanks to those of you who requested it!