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More adventures in self-publishing: The one who got away

Over at, I wonder: Who are you, Reader Who Got Away?


Hey, guess what?

Hey, guess what? I'm an idiot! I mistakenly thought you have to have bought a book at Amazon to post a review there. Turns out that's not so much true as it is, well, a lie. Or a misunderstanding, let's say. Why do we have to fight all the time, anyway? Can't you see it's tearing me apart?*

Anyway, the long and short of it is, you're free to post a review at Amazon even if you've bought the book elsewhere. Like, say, at the iTunes Store. You can also review it at Goodreads (where the Big Three-Copy Giveaway is now underway...all you have to do is click to enter. Those copies will arrive at your home personally signed by the author, i.e., me.) But wherever you choose to do so, I'd be absolutely sick with gratitude if you'd take a moment to post a review.


*Bad dialogue of the sort guaranteed to be 100% missing from THANKS FOR KILLING ME


Free books at Goodreads

Psst. I know THANKS FOR KILLING ME is almost free, at least at its current super-low introductory pricing. But if you're looking for actual no-cost freeness, I'm running a two-week giveaway over at Goodreads. Three copies of the paperback are up for grabs, starting at midnight tonight. Click on through for details, won't you?

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Thanks For Killing Me by Bill Barol

Thanks For Killing Me

by Bill Barol

Giveaway ends November 02, 2011.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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TFKM at Boing Boing

If you haven't been able to figure out why THANKS FOR KILLING ME is priced so obscenely low, well, some days I can't either. But I do take a stab at explaining some of the thinking that went into the introductory pricing scheme over at Boing Boing today. BB founder Mark Fraunfelder also has some nice things to say about the book.


Be a book reviewer! It's fun and easy!

Hi, web-based friends. How's your Friday going? Great, great... Glad to hear it. How'd that thing turn out? You know, the thing with the guy? Oh, yeah? Really? With a CANTELOUPE? ...great.

So listen: You may not have been aware of this because I'm shy and retiring and don't like to burden my friends and acquaintances by asking for favors, but I recently published a novel called THANKS FOR KILLING ME. This marks the end of its first week on sale and you've been extremely generous in buying it and saying nice things about it. So generous, in fact, that I can't stand for the nice things you've had to say to stay just within our little family here. So would you consider, as we head into the weekend, doing a couple things for me and my little book, which only wants to be loved?

WRITE A REVIEW ON AMAZON OR THE ITUNES STORE. You have to have purchased to do so, but as the ebooks are super-mega-crazy-bargain priced at $0.99 and the paperback at a wallet-friendly $7.99 for a limited time only, that's not such an onerous burden.

WRITE A REVIEW ON GOODREADS, where the book can be found right here. Goodreads is a lively and interesting site for people who love books, and if you're not a member there, hell, why not? (It's free.)

Either of these, or both, and I strongly suggest you do both, will take up just a minute of your time and go a long way toward spreading the word. 

As always -- no kidding -- I'm grateful for your support. Have a great weekend.