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Now at the iTunes Bookstore

I tell you what, you wouldn't have wanted to be me when I was trying to format THANKS FOR KILLING ME for submission to the iTunes Bookstore. And "submission" really is the right word here, because the process is a soul-sucking misadventure that saps your energy and strength and leaves you a quivering mass of jelly on the floor. But that's in the past, where it belongs (I'm feeling much better, thanks), and the good news is that the book is now available for iPad and iPhone at the iTunes Bookstore, or iBooks, or whatever the hell they call it. Just like the Kindle version, the iBooks edition is super-mega-bargain priced for a limited time only. So Apple fanboys and others, please go get it. Thanks.


On the cover

You can't judge a book by its cover, the cliché goes. I really hope that's not true, because if my book is half as good as its cover I'll be a happy man. The design was executed by Murray H. Smith, who was a pure pleasure to work with. And the cover image (seen below in its original form) was shot by my friend Noel Kerns. Noel's an intrepid explorer of wrecks and abandonments as well as a fine photographer. He's also a talented musician and a really nice guy. If you'd like to know more about his work, visit him at Noel Kerns Photography.


What? No. I have something in my eye...

That right there? That's a good first day. Thanks, book buyers. 


Now on sale, for the low low price of almost free

THANKS FOR KILLING ME is on sale now, in both trade paperback and Kindle editions. It's priced, for the moment, as low as Amazon will allow me to price it: $7.99 for the paperback, and ninety-nine cents for the ebook. Did somebody say "profit"? Why, what's that? At these price points Amazon keeps more or less the entire proceeds.

At that, I wish I could sell it cheaper. In fact, if I could give the book away for free, at least initially, I would. Why? Two reasons.

1) Because I am all about delivering MAD CRAZY BARGAINS to YOU, the GREAT AMERICAN READING PUBLIC.

2) Because today marks the beginning of an adventure in literary entrepreneurship, and this stage of the process is all about spreading awareness. The theory is that people like a good read, but they like a bargain more, so if I can offer both at the same time, why not? And what do I ask in return? Nothing. Well, practically nothing. Only this:

If you like the book, tell your friends.

Blog it.

Mention it on LinkedIn.

Tweet it, and/or follow the Twitter feed.

Give it a quick blurb on your Facebook wall, or "Like" the Facebook page. (There's a link to it over there on the right. No, your right. There you go.) You can also "Like" it from the Amazon page. Click that bad boy. It only takes a second. In fact, let me be honest, and I guess this is a mini-commentary on bookselling in the age of social media: Although I hope you do both, it's more important to me at this point that you "Like" it than that you like it.

While you're over on the Amazon page, can I get you to write a quick review? And think about ordering it as a gift -- the nominal list price is $15, so by my calculations your friends will figure you to be approximately 47% more thoughtful than you actually were. Talk about bang for your buck!

All of this goes to foster virality. And together we will attract the interest of the publishing establishment and bring it to its knees, although -- full disclosure -- once we do so I'll be raising the sale price to something more reasonable and keeping all the money for myself.

Thanks, and viva la raza!

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