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A funny and disarmingly sweet caper story that Carl Hiaasen would probably wish he'd written. (jswatz, at Amazon)

Rich, well developed characters, artfully crafted settings, and just the right amount of nervous tension make this a novel you can't help but enjoy. (Leslie Cohen, at Amazon)

To categorize "Thanks For Killing Me" is to miss the fun. It's a great crime caper, sure, but then you might miss its sharp humor that punctuates almost every page. You might miss the sharply drawn characters. Or the gorgeous travelogue (including the sly love letter to L.A., home of so much classic pulp fiction). Thanks for Killing Me is much like the fine bourbon rhapsodized in its pages: there are delicious, surprising flavors everywhere. (D.J. Lidsky, at Amazon)

"Thanks For Killing Me" is just fast enough, just twisty enough, just funny enough, and just edgy enough to keep you from doing all the things you ought to be doing until you finish it. A great read! (jeffcohenstudio, at the iTunes Bookstore)

From roadside plaster dinosaurs to sharp-eyed descriptions of Vegas, it is a highly enjoyable ride. (Travelerje, at Amazon)

Barol is a keen observer of modern culture and his writing is laugh-out-loud funny. I seriously laughed out loud. On a plane. (jj, at Amazon)

I just finished "Thanks For Killing Me," and my only regret is that it ended.... Armed with expensive old whiskey and designer clothes, the author cons and double cons the reader throughout the story, right up to the explosive finish. Thanks for the good time. (Lynne Thomas, at Amazon)